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Nowadays the demand for raw mined materials is constantly increasing, following a very steep trend. Minerals, metals and coal are basis on which global economy rests on and their production becomes more and more crucial every day. Being a reliable partner for mining companies is for Tesmec a real commitment.

Understanding the issues of every mine thanks to the huge experience of our engineers and technicians we are able to support the main mining players providing the latest equipment and solutions to become cheaper and faster especially for poor but crucial operations like the pit preparation for the drillers, removal of overburden etc.


Tesmec Rock Hawg can cut and crush material in one single passage, replacing several different kind of machines on the work site. Thus, the mining operation becomes simple and much more convenient, as the number of processes to manage is considerably lower.
Thanks to the machine's adjustable cutting-depth mining process profitability can be increased by selecting only high purity material seams. On the contrary, traditional technologies, like blasting, are often more rough and cannot deliver the same safety, material purity and easy management standard.


Bulk Excavation

Bulk excavation works can be considered "easy" and less important operations, if compared to the other construction activities in a jobsite. Nevertheless, performing this task with low efficiency equipment can cause a remarkable cost increase.

Safety issues when blasting hard rock, leveling nightmares and low productivity rates are just some of the problems that Tesmec machines will help you to forget.

Here below you can download the technical sheets of all Tesmec surface miners.


Technical sheets​ ->

1475 XL EVO RH

975 EVO RH

1150 EVO RH


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