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Oil & Gas and Water supply


Despite technological advancements in renewable energy, oil and gas reserves continue to be the richest, densest and most valuable energy sources available at the moment.

With more and more pressure on petroleum and mining industries since they struggle to meet the global energy and material needs, pipeline laying efficiency is more important than ever before. 

Tesmec has been responsible for trenching thousands of kilometers of trenches for oil, gas and water supply pipelines in the most extreme environments all our the World and thanks to years of experience in the industry, we continue to offer the best trenching equipment and technical support available on the market. 

When you partner with Tesmec you benefit from innovative mechanical solutions and intelligent installation technologies suitable for any environment. Learn more about the advantages of using Tesmec Australia for your next project. 

​Tesmec value chain includes:

  • Geotechnical and feasibility study

  • Customization of the machine according to the specs of the project and the ground/environment conditions

  • Reduction of the volume of the excavated material

  • Elimination of the primary crushing and possible reutilization of the spoil for to backfill

  • Automatic laying of small/mid diameter HDPE pipes

  • Important reduction of the number of equipment and people onsite



> The Dingo Gas Field is located in the northeast of the Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory, approximately 50 km south of Alice Springs on Orange Creek Station.


> The proposed pipeline route runs approximately 40 km north to connect the Dingo Gas Field to the proposed city gate gas treatment facility at Brewer Industrial Estate, located on Brewer Road, accessed via the Stuart Highway, approximately 20 km south of Alice Springs.


> The production licence area is in a semi-arid climate and experiences highly variable rainfall, averaging 283.5 mm annually with most rainfall falling in the summer months. The majority of the production licence area is located in dune fields and sandplains, with all proposed development located in the extensive Simpson land system (dune fields) that dominates much of Central Australia  


- Main Contractor – Central Petroleum

- 40 km of gas pipeline and fiber optic cable

- 1 month program

- Value $650,000

- 1 SMC200R Marais’ trencher

- Completion date – September 2014

Safety and cost effectiveness are our priority that's why we developed innovative solution for: 

  • Simultaneous installation of other services (FO for example)

  • Simultaneous installation of cable protection and/or warning tape

  • Backfilling with thermally tested sand and/or excavated material

  • Restoration of the area so minimum open trenches are left behind and this is dramatically reducing the risks 

  • High production: up to 3,000 m/day !

Here you can download a reference letter from our Client  -->

Tesmec Mechanical Trenching and HDPE Laying Dingo
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