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Tesmec Mechanical Trenching and Cable Laying Renewable Project

Environmental responsibility is one of the key values of Tesmec Australia and we are proud to be involved in various large scale renewable projects including wind farm, solar farm and high voltage electrical networks.


Safety and cost effectiveness are important considerations when finding the right solution.

A Tesmec solution includes:  

  • 1 high voltage electrical Tri Core or 3 high voltage electrical Single Core cables

  • Simultaneous installation of other services (FO, earth)

  • Simultaneous installation of cable protection and/or warning tap

  • Backfilling with thermally tested and/or excavated material

  • Minimum open trenching risks



Tesmec has a proven track record with Wind Farm projects ensuring successful connections that result in the supply of clean and sustainable renewable energy and help meet the challenges of climate change.

Our solutions involve the use of our SMC Wheel Trencher to help connect each wind turbine on a wind farm to the electricity grid.

We have also designed and manufactures specific drum carriers called Tesmec RC-320, able to self load and carry 3 drums of 20 tons each, able to install very long runs of single core cables up to 1200mm2, reducing the number of joints and optimizing the installation productivity.

Tesmec Mechanical Trenching and Cable Laying Renewable Project
Tesmec Trencher and Binding Machin



Tesmec also provides efficient and effective solutions for Solar Farm projects anywhere in Australia. With the help of our SMC Wheel Trencher, we can connect each solar panel on the solar farm to the nearest electricity grid. 

Tesmec RC320 reel carrier renewable poject
Tesmec Mechanical Trenching and Cable Laying Renewable Project



Marais designs and manufactures innovative mechanical solutions for mechanical laying process improvement. We have refined a variety of systems to successfully install cables in different environments: narrow village streets, railway rights of way, motorways, rural and urban roads. We work consistently to develop installation technologies to speed up and simplify the installation of various kinds of cables.


Tesmec Large Scale

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