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Research & Development

The development process for Tesmec product innovation - from the first idea to the work site - requires investments and engages the effort of several departments.

This is a global process that involves the network of all Tesmec experts, ever widening the horizon towards establishing partnerships with leading suppliers.

Research on industrial product pushes to innovation of the components, mechanisms and electronics, with the aim to improve the performance of the products.

Experimental development consists in studies and site tests by our skilled engineers. Attention to the machine or equipment does not stop at the end product, but also continues during its life cycle, through inspections on site and regular reporting and continuous monitoring by our technicians.

Tesmec has several patents and certifications. Tesmec is certified ISO 9001:2008. Tesmec Stringing Equipment has the certification at ОАО "FSK EES" and Achilles Group "TransQ" (this one is for railway equipment).

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