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Today, Tesmec is an innovative company, motivated by the desire to grow. The globalization process and the technological progress push us more and more towards a strategy based on innovation, internationalization and integration. We look at technological challenges presented by the markets more as opportunities than as threats. Innovation is the key factor that allowed Tesmec to become what it is today.

Our mission is to provide solutions to drive growth and modernization of every Country. We are proud to be leaders in the supply of integrated solutions for Energy and Data Transport. Construction, maintenance and
management are our core business. Markets recognize us as technology leaders thanks to the high quality and reliability of our products and the advanced solutions of our technologies.


We pursue a "Glocal" growth strategy: we are global, but at the same time we have a local presence in the strategic areas of the world in order to reach out, identify, and meet market needs in the best way.
Differences in national culture and competences are reflected in business decisions. Operating in ways that are congruent with a country's cultural contexts can improve business performance.


This is the reason why we have chosen a business model focused on integration between key players. Our goal is to create a high performance environment, which supports the implementation of our business strategy. All this will be possible with the collaboration of our people - employees, customers, and partners.

Ambrogio Caccia Dominioni

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