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Tesmec Group is one of the world leaders in the design, production and supply of high-powered tracked trenchers for linear excavation and surface miners for bulk excavation, which can excavate both in very hard rock and in soil, in permafrost and desert areas.

The trenching technology is the advanced solution for the following applications:

 - Oil & Gas pipelines, Water and sewage lines
 - Utilities
 - Telecom networks and power cable installation
 - Bulk excavation of rock and Quarries
 - Dewatering and drainages

Tesmec trenchers are equipped with high level components and can provide the best cost efficiency and productivity. The main features are:

- Diesel engine for heavy duty
- power transmission by hydrostatic drive with flywheel gearboxes
- automatic digging system with fast-acting creep control
- automatic hydraulic stabilizers
- operator cabin
- new electronic control system: trenchtronic 3.0


1675 CS in Kathu, Northern Cape, RSA-rev
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